About Us

So Who Are We?

    The Craft Pot was set up to give everyone an excuse to actually use their little breaks during the day as breaks, and not time to check emails, wipe down the counter tops, or any other little task "that'll just take 5 minutes" 

    No matter how many doctors and specialists tell us how important resting is, practically it isn't the easiest. Our world is as busy as ever and every second counts, which always leads to us over-doing it and not taking the time we need to sit and re-charge!  This is where crocheting come in for me - tricking my brain into some down time. It forces me to actually sit down and focus on something else other than work, bills, and all that jazz.

Thus, The Craft Pot is born!

I decided I wanted to share this with everyone, whilst also making a crochet kit that's actually good (Knitters get all the good stuff!) So I made it into a subscription box, to be posted directly to wherever is best for you - you can get it to home, or to work if you fancy showing off!

The Break Down!

Each months box will have:

  • Two balls of branded yarn - we try to work off a 2 ball rule as we've found this is the amount of yarn that's easy to carry when commuting or travelling
  • A unique pattern - written by my good self, or a guest blogger author!
  • The crochet hook for the pattern and yarn
  • Crafty Gift - to help you build a crochet kit or replenish what you already have
  • & Tea - that's right, we're going to include some tea for you so your Make Time can be extra special. We'll change it up each month so you can taste the world from your desk

So that's us!

A little box trying big difference.

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